PAGE SIXTY FIVE.   Interior, Free Mars Netcast Studio 7B.  Amazonis Prime.  Mars.

Meanwhile, back on Mars…

Happy Friday again, Earthers.  Here we are back home on the Red Planet.  It’s two weeks later and in that time it appears our trio has finally gotten some notice from someone other than corporate assassins and shock troops.  The Hippolyta show has resulted in some actual good publicity.  It comes in the form of ‘MarsTalk with Finn Syrtis.’  Syrtis, a veteran ‘caster, has thrown his lot in with the fledgling Free Mars Netcast and produces their flagship ‘cast.  The Sisters Grimm are appearing as one of his first guests.

Nic and I wanted a new-ish look for Vikki, Sam, and Vexx.  We wanted something slightly more militant, reflecting their connection with Kessler and the MLF.  Nic nailed it; integral armor is VERY fashion forward.  Equally impressive to both Tim Gunn and Tony Stark.

This week’s song pairing works on a few levels.  First, Hole’s ‘Celebrity Skin‘ makes sense with the girl’s new found recognition.  It’ll also make even more sense over the next couple pages.  Plus, Hole naffing rocks.

Finally, Hannah Valerus update.  The notes are finished and the actual writing has started.  It’s looking like maybe 100 pages, with maybe 12-15 illustrations.  One thing I can tell you (spoiler alert!) is that it takes place predominantly on Io.  But here’s a question:  would you rather see it serialized or have it all at once?

Talk to you in one System Standard week,