PAGE SIXTY THREE.         Interior, green room of the Leviathan Club. Prometheus City, Io.

Well, that was a long week.  Nice to see Friday again.  Not so much if you’re club owner and manager Emeric Belasco.  This is definitely not his sol.

Behold Shade Endgame in action (implied)!  Our little glamgoth psychopath displays her skill with the dagger.  She’s very fond of her knife, which she’s actually named Scorn.

The backing members of Kitty Porn became a source of some discussion between Nic and I.  I had described them as almost marionette-like; puppety.  I think Nic took that basic concept and fused it with a cool skeletal design.  The cyclopean visage became the finishing touch.  They ‘bots have a slightly manic look- almost shocked.  And based on what they’re clearly privy to, I’m not surprised.  But as I’ve said before, Nic’s talent lies in his ability to fill the page with amazing details and the design of these robots illustrates this perfectly.

I was wondering though, do these three back-up-bots have names?  IDs?  OU812?  Thoughts?

Finally, Nic has the honor of presenting this week’s music pairing.  For a few reasons, it’s the ideal choice.  First, Nic describes the song as a tune he could draw violent murder scenes to all day.  So there’s that.  Then there’s the group’s name.  Get the irony?  And we both agree that Florence Welch’s voice could be Shade Endgame-esque.  So, without further ado, ‘Seven Devils‘.

Until next week.  We’ve got some big news coming up soon, so stay tuned.