PAGE SIXTY TWO. Interior, green room at the Leviathan Club.  Prometheus City, Io.

As a great Kurgan once said, “Happy Halloween, ladies!”  Well, it’s a little early, but close enough- you get my drift.  This Friday sees us behind the scenes at the Leviathan.  And we finally get to meet Kitty Porn and their darkling front-woman, Shade Endgame.

Now, a little backstory: some of you may remember Shade and KP from one of our MarsBeat ‘casts.  Back then KP still had some human musicians.  But over time, Shade has “disposed” of her backing members and replaced them with more compliant ‘bot musicians.  This move has elicited mixed reviews from the Martian music scene, though Kitty Porn fans remain vehemently loyal to their glamgoth princess.

We are also introduced this week to the Leviathan Club’s owner and manager, Emeric Belasco*.  Our good proprietor has lost patience with young Shade and her tardiness.  He seems pretty naff’d off.  Though you’d think someone would’ve warned him that Endgame doesn’t react well to yelling….

Nic and I both have a musical pairing to offer you this week.  First, Nic has chosen Muse’s ‘New Born.’  I totally back the Southlander’s choice.  Very atmospheric and dark.  For my own part, I’ve been inspired by some news this last week.  Rolling Stone had a short piece on Garbage and their forthcoming album.  So, to celebrate, I’m going with a similarly dark tune, #1 Crush.  One of my favorite love songs.

Any cool costumes planned?  I think, by next year, I might have an MLF uniform ready.  Until next week,


*a homage to one of the greatest haunted house novels ever written.