PAGE SIXTY ONE.       Io.  Prometheus CityLeviathan Club.

Once again we meet on this Friday morn!  This week’s page features the Leviathan Club, exterior and interior.  I kinda like that ‘Free Mars’ is sort of a tour of the Sol-system’s hotspots; we do get to see a lot of the colonized world’s bars, nightclubs, and music venues.  But such is the nature of our tale, no?

As a writer, I find that I have two modes when dealing with design.  Sometimes I find that I am very specific, while other times I just inherently trust that Nic knows what I’m talking about.  The Leviathan Club probably falls into the former category.  I had some very specific descriptions of biomechanical design and theme.   Though Nic has filled in any gaps with his usual flair.  The result, which I am really stunned by, is an industrial club straight out of a nightmare.  A perfect part of a pretty dark sequence, leading up to Halloween!

Owned and managed by Emeric Belasco, the Leviathan Club is Io’s largest music venue.    The club has an interesting, if somewhat ghoulish history, but we can save all the grizzly details for another time….

This week’s music pairing demands some atmosphere, but since I’m also feeling slightly sentimental, I’m going with this remix of Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy the Silence.’

Next week we finally get to meet the band behind the chanting.  Kitty Porn, whose front-woman, Shade Endgame, will no doubt prove to be an important addition to our cast.  Until then,