PAGE 59.  Amazonis Prime.  Hippolyta Stadium, Independence Sol.

You love bands when they play it loud
You want more and you want it fast
Put you down and say I’m wrong
You tacky thing, you put them on.

Well happy naffing Friday, Marsers.  That was a long week, so I for one am very glad to be presenting a new page.

I get very excited every time we get to do a Track title page and this week is no exception.  Not since Track 1 have we gotten a cool splash of the band playing.  In fact, I think there’s a nice parallel with PAGE 4.  On that page, the girls were playing for a less-than-enthusiastic collection of Medusa’s patrons.  This week we see just how far three musicians can go in 59 pages.  It does seem like a long time ago….

The other difference between that title page and this is the presence here of Damien Kessler.  He’s really the reason they’re here, right?  For better or worse has yet to be seen.

This week’s musical pairing should be fairly obvious.  The Bowie classic sounds at home in a stadium, I think.  The only more obvious song would be Anthem itself, but we haven’t quite put that together…yet.  But I say too much!  For those interested, the lyrics to Anthem are here.

On the next Free Mars, we take our first step off-world.  We get a quick look at another colonized world (one of my personal favorites): Io.

Finally, I want to just make a quick dedication this week.  PAGE 59 is dedicated, with respect, to Steve Jobs.  As I load tonight’s page on my Mac, I can’t help but wax sentimental about my mom’s IIE.  Thanks, Mr. Jobs.  You will be missed.

See you gremmies next week,