PAGE FIFTY EIGHT.   Hippolyta Stadium.  Independence Sol.

With about 8 minutes to spare, I am proudly presenting the latest installment of ‘Free Mars.’  We have, since we started, never missed a Friday update and this sol is no different (though we cut it close)!  A combination of unforeseen events conspired against us, but we still managed to keep our record intact.  In any case, I apologize for the delay.

I believe the page was worth the extra few hours.  I think the second panel has to be one of the coolest shots in this book.  It is an extraordinary combination of scope and scale and intimacy.  You don’t need to see the faces of the band to guess their expressions at this point.

Vikki does her best John Lennon here, providing some dry wit.  I think the whole scene has a Shea Stadium feel.

Okay, gotta stop rambling…almost midnight.