PAGE FIFTY SIX.  Hippolyta Stadium, Amazonis Prime.  Independence Sol.

Happy Friday again, Marsers.  First, if you look all the way at the bottom of the site, we’ve hit 500,000 visits.  We’re very excited about this- so thanks again to all of you.  Even if you subtract the times Nic and I have visited the site, we still have nearly two dozen unique hits!  Seriously, this week was a huge milestone.

This week’s page features Samantha’s somewhat subjective sense of humor.  We also get to meet Damien Kessler’s bodyguard, TeeVee.  I think Nic gave him the right combination of menace and personality.  He hasn’t said anything yet and he’s already awesome; he’s got character.  And a great fashion sense.

The playful nature of this week’s offering warrants an easy-going tune.  So what do you think of Noel Gallagher’s new song, The Death of You and Me?  I personally like this sort of rollicking tune.  Could be a good album.  He’s got to match his brother’s solo project, Beady Eye.

Until next week,