DELETED SCENE: Resurrection.

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DAVE:  We unfortunately had to cut this scene.  The original sequence had Vrill wake-up in a dingy, Giger-esque bio-mech laboratory with a creepy surgeon-mechanic putting the finishing touches on the mercenary commander’s new chassis.  The whole “can you hear me?” thing created a nice parallel to the scene where Vikki wakes up in the med-bay aboard the MLF crawler, though this is obviously much darker.

But the scene never really fit anywhere.  The pacing would’ve been thrown off as the story continues at a pretty frenetic beat for a while.  We also have new and insidious villains to introduce shortly and we didn’t want to steal their malevolent thunder.

NIC:  I think this scene, though deleted, is important and significant because it shows the true nature and tone of the comic in three panels.

DAVE:  How so?

NIC: That Cpt. Vrill survived the explosion and the fall implies that this is a tale of entertainment, where the villains can come back at any minute, cyber-ized or not, and be ready for more. As I once said, FREE MARS has a very 80’s flavour, one that we fuel with things such as Bowie-esque make-up and other musical/cinematic references. But, most of all, I like this scene because this gentleman here embodies the classic hardcore mercenary that just won’t die. He and his never-ending ammo are landmarks of this type of story. And for that, I’m satisfied.

DAVE: In the end, we had to scrap it (no pun intended).  Originally, I had planned that the surgeon would be unsure as to Vrill’s feelings about his new body.  Until, that is, Vrill lets out an enthusiastic “Yesssssss!”  Maybe that’ll show up in the blu-ray…