Friday again, Marsers.  This week we follow our tradition of between-chapter Interludes, showing our main characters in moments of repose.  These are little solitary vignettes set away from the frenetic world of the comic.  The idea being that comics (webcomics especially) can be very face-paced with every week propelling the story forward.  These pieces let us step outside this high-burn trajectory and change up the perspective.  We’ve seen Vikki Grimm writing, Sam reading a political treatise, and now we get to glimpse our sardonic glamgoth bassist in a moment of vulnerability.

Homesick is a true collaboration between Nic and I.  He had the concept for a scene of Taryn Vexx going through some old holos.  I loved the visual potential and wanted to join it with some material from Vexx’s character bio, namely that, for all her sarcasm and coolness under pressure, she is really just a “daddy’s girl.”  She’s tough, but she’s also been sheltered in a way money and privilege can shelter someone.  There’s a lot of interesting stuff in this character’s past and I hope we get to show it you at some point.

Plus, she’s stuck in a war zone now.  Amazonis is blockaded and with its declaration of autonomy, a Combine attack is imminent.  It is a city under siege and that’s not something even the cynical and pugnacious Vexx is prepared to cope with.

So we present a very melancholy scene (hence the music pairing-Melancholy Hill by the Gorillaz).  We hope you dig it.  Track 4 starts in two weeks.  Next week we have an unusual offering that we think you’ll like.  Sort of a “deleted scene” kinda thing.

Until then,