PAGE FIFTY FOUR.  Exterior, high above the streets of Amazonis Prime.

Happy Friday, gremmies.  This week sees the end of TRACK 3, Volcano Girls.  In two weeks, Vikki, Sam, Vexx, and Kessler will be back in TRACK 4, Rebel Rebel.  Next week we’ll be bringing you the third of our Interlude pieces.  We’ve seen Vikki and Samantha in repose, so Vexx is up next.  We really enjoy putting these little vignettes together.  This next one will be swass.

Nic and I agreed on this week’s song pairing.  We wanted some classic rock.  Something up tempo.  Something you’d listen to on the way to a party.  So we went with Aerosmith.

Nic’s colored version of Shade Endgame is up on FaceBook.  It’s a beautiful piece he did for a lucky client.  Check it out on FB or deviantArt.

Finally, some cool Chicago comic news.  We finally have an alternative/indie comic convention, which is naffing cool.  Next June.  More info here:

Until our Interlude next week…tentatively titled Casual Vexx.