PAGE FIFTY THREE.  Exterior.  High above the Jovian Quarter, Amazonis Prime.

“You said this was a convertible, yeah?”

Raff Vrill, soldier of fortune and hit-squad commando, has finally run out of luck, I suspect.  Barely surviving Veruca’s micro-fusion cocktail, our assassin still didn’t give up the chase.  We have to give him that much- he was no a naffing quitter!

This week’s page gives us a good view of the traffic above Amazonis.  It’s busy.  Maybe not 101 or ‘Fifth Element’  busy, but definitely congested.  I think Nic did a particularly nice job with the weathering on the older vehicles.

This week’s music pairing is a slight departure.  I’m picking the song this week mostly because it’s been stuck in my head since last weekend.  I kinda want to pass on the experience to you.  Now, it also has a cool irony factor; it actually goes well with this scene.  I won’t give it away, but I would suggest you grab a Heineken…SONG.

In other FM news, we posted a concept/character sketch of Shade Endgame on FaceBook and Twitter a while ago.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out.  We should have the color version up shortly.  Shade is already very popular amongst the small group of people that’ve read the script.  I can not wait to introduce you properly.

Finally, Nic and I had an interesting discussion tonight and there was one topic I figured I’d share, to get your opinion.  We were trying to define ‘Free Mars’ in terms of genre.  It’s sci-fi, obviously, but it’s not really “hard” sci-fi.  Not quite epic enough yet to qualify as space opera either.  It has some grittiness and some dark themes, but isn’t particularly grim.  We finally decided that, to us, this comic is very much a product of our love of the 1980s.  Basically, we decided that ‘Free Mars’ is a comic version of an 80′s movie.  Dystopian fun.