PAGE FIFTY ONE.  Exterior Ziggy’s Café.  Jovian Quarter, Amazonis Prime.

Happy Sol Veneris*, Earthers!  Looks like it was a great SDCC.  I’ve been going through some photo blogs and it looks like that place was lousy with Slave Leias!  No Vikki Grimms or Vexxii this year, though.  Maybe 2012?

I’m naffing bananas about this week’s page.  Nic has taken almost every cool sci-fi car and created this great amalgamation.  There’s a little Spinner from Blade Runner with a pinch of Minority Report’s Lexus Concept.  And maybe this is just me, but the color scheme of the LV-426 reminds me of House Harkonnen.  The holo-displays are always sweet.

So, at least one member of Orbital Burn has survived.  Were the others as lucky?  Vrill is definitely a motivated guy.

We gotta go with a Garbage song this week: ‘Run Baby Run.’  I definitely think this song would be on the FM soundtrack.  I am including an alternate choice, though.  Because he’s coming to Wrigley this Sunday, I think we’ll also include Paul McCartney and Wings and ‘Helen Wheels.’  Two great driving songs.

Until next week.  Probably live update from GenCon in Indianapolis.  Anyone go to GenCon?