PAGE FIFTY.  Interior Ziggy’s Café.  Post-micro-fusion explosion.

Happy 50th page, Marsers!  The big 5-0.  It is almost a year ago exactly that we began this project and we couldn’t be more proud of the results, humbled by the response, and optimistic about the future of ‘Free Mars.’  It has been an amazing year.  It has been so cool to see these characters come alive every week and the lion’s share of credit has to go to Nic.  The quality of his work has literally allowed me to take more chances with the script.

Again (I’ve said this before), we couldn’t do it without you.  I mean that sincerely.  You ladies and gentlemen make this fun every week and we appreciate that.  Please keep commenting and emailing.

We reached another milestone this week.  I finished the detailed outline for the first 96 pages of the comic. What we’re calling Free Mars: The First Album.  I think you’ll be entertained…and surprised.

But enough naffing sentimentality!  What do you think of Kessler’s ride?  You’d think being a guerilla leader might not pay huge dividends financially, but he seems to be doing well.

Music pairing-wise, I’ve run through the gamut of “car songs.”  So, my inclination is to go with Elastica and ‘Car Song.’  Any automotive tune suggestions?

Until next week,



We’re a little late this week, though it’s technically still Friday in Chicago.  The reason for the tardiness makes comics seem much less important.  I am really sorry to report that Nic’s father passed away after a long illness.  Nic wanted to explain the delay in the update, but I thought it was more important to let his fans know that our good friend is going through a tough time.   I’m sure you will all agree with me when I say our thoughts are with him and his family.  We love you, man!