PAGE FORTY NINE.  Interior Ziggy’s Cafe.

Good sol, gremmies.  We’re very happy to bring you this week’s installment of ‘Free Mars.’  For your consideration: a micro-fusion explosion!  Typically used in mining excavations and other industrial projects, this powerful explosive can carve out an ice shaft in seconds.  Used in a popular Jovian Quarter club, however, the results become somewhat more dramatic.  The micro-fusion reaction is very controllable though, so one assumes Veruca kept collateral damage down to a minimum.

I’m gonna keep it short this week as I’m transmitting this from the fell woods of western Michigan.  I can hear coyotes now and I know I saw a pack cougars in the wine shop earlier today….

After much discussion, I’ve decided to go with my first choice of musical pairing.  ’Cherry Bomb‘ by the Runaways.

Until next week,