PAGE FORTY EIGHT.  Interior Ziggy’s Café.

Friday again already, Marsers.  That seemed like a quick week.  In any case, welcome back to Ziggy’s.  Someone has some good hearing- probably from working all those years in demolitions himself, Ventiss Klegg knows the sound of an activated micro-fusion plastique bomb.

And the girls do apparently have a guardian angel named Veruca.  Lucky for them.  And while I’ll be the first to admit that I was a fan of “showgirl Veruca”, I also like “guerilla agent Veruca.”  I would get both versions of the action figure.  When the spin-offs start, I’d like to go more in depth with this character.  But for now, she remains an enigma wrapped in a purple Mohawk.

I can’t wait for next week’s first panel.  Any guesses what it’ll be?

I thought a lot about music pairings this week, but I’m going with a suggestion from Derek G, one of the original Blue Blaze Irregulars.  He like Rage Against the Machine and ‘Calm Like a Bomb.’

I’m gonna keep it short this week- I’m on vacation now.  It’ll be a working vacation, though, and I’ve got the outline done for the next Hannah Valerus tale.

Oh, if you get a chance.  The gentlemen at Digital Strips reviewed ‘Free Mars’ this last week.  Check it out.  I would urge you to make their podcast a regular stop along your digital wanderings.  And I’m not just recommending it because they give us a good review- I’ve been listening to their reviews for a while and I’ve found some interesting new comics as a result.

Until next week, may the odds be ever in your favor.