PAGE FORTY SIX.  Interior. Ziggy’s Café.

Only way to feel the noise is when it’s good and loud.


Happy Friday, Barberallas.  In what can only be described as a very public display of anarchy, Orbital Burn has been unleashed against our heroines.  They’re not what you’d consider a particularly stealthy kill team, but I think this is exactly what Xander Thule had in mind.  I don’t expect a killing rampage will do much to negatively effect OB ticket sales….

Nic obviously enjoys drawing these thrashcore assassins; each member of the band has a unique character and style.  And I like that each is slightly reminiscent of a real-life musical counter-part.  For that reason- to honor Raff Vrill- we have to go with Motorhead’s ‘Devil I Know’ for this week’s musical pairing.  Nic picked it and thinks it’s appropriate because it speaks to falling back into old bad habits, much like OB’s return to their CSC/mercenary hit squad salad days.  I think Nic clearly has an appreciation and insight into the work of Motorhead.

As always, I’m amazed at how Nic executes the little details in the script, like the “Reserved” hologram at the table and the autograph session.  These come from the briefest of descriptions, but get turned into integral parts of the overall narrative once they appear on the page.  I think Nic agrees with me when I say that it’s these little details that give the ‘Free Mars’ universe its depth.

Finally, Nic has decided that he will be offering this original page for sale.  Up until now, only Nic, myself, and our mysterious investor SH have had the opportunity to own an original ‘Free Mars’ page.  I can tell you- these are amazing in person.  Works of serious art, as any of Nic’s clients will tell you.  Page 4 is being framed as I write.  The details are available on Nic’s deviantArt page, but you can also inquire through the

Stay tuned, the shizz is gonna get crazy….