PAGE FORTY FIVE.  Interior, Ziggy’s Café.  Entertainer’s green room.

Happy Friday (or possibly late Thursday), Terran-mutants.  This week finds our heroines watching some pre-show vid in Ziggy’s green room.  Jareth Isidis, nominal head of the Free Amazonis council, announces the Hab-pyramid’s independence.  We also find out from Samantha that there’s a celebration to mark the big occasion.  The band is also informed of some famous chaps in the audience and, lastly, we get to listen in on our drummer asking someone out.  Lot’s going on this week.

With all this stuff happening, you’d think the page might get cluttered.  But Nic works a really full script into a smooth flowing page.  As always, he packs in the detail.  In this case, it’s hard not to notice the other dancers.  And while sci-fi strippers generally deserve plenty of attention, I think the beauty of this page lie in the smaller details- the lights around the mirror or the trash on the floor or Samatha’s holo-drum gear.

To honor the costuming this week, I’m actually gonna go with a Lady Gaga song (it had to happen).  I’m still not personally sure what I think about LG.  I do think she’s incredibly talented, but is she just a postmodern Madonna?  In any case, I think this tune works well with the page.  It’s got a nice sci-fi dance club feel- ‘Bad Romance.’

A few quick pieces of news.  The print compilations are almost gone.  We did a pretty limited run on purpose and I’ve sent them across the surface third planet, from Australia to Poland, from London to Royal Oak, Michigan.  If you’re waiting to grab one, now would be a good time.  Shortly the remaining books will only be available on the Gorgon Studios web page.  I’ll let you know when they’re over there.  We’ll have all our future merchandise there as well including the Hannah Valerus miniature sculpted by Chris Borer AND the Vikki Grimm figure sculpted by Rich Sweet.  Both of these should be available soon.  Again, I’ll keep you updated here, on FB and the Twitters.

Until next week (when some very angry thrashcore assassins show up at the café and the shizz hits the air-processor unit),