PAGE FORTY FOUR.  City Center, Amazonis Prime Hab-Pyramid.

Previously, on the next ‘Free Mars’…

Happy Friday, gremmies.  Today we join the band in downtown Amazonis Prime.  Samantha and Vexx post some gig flyers while Vikki G. gets a little writing done.  These mundane activities become pretty ominous, however, with the addition of the Orbital Burn lurkers.  They creep me out.

I love the palette Nic uses this week.  The washed-out tones of the Amazonis urbanscape are excellent and are nicely highlighted by the greens- especially the green from Ventiss Klegg’s specs.  As a tribute to this effect and to Klegg himself, the musical pairing is ‘Limelight‘ by Rush*.

I also want one of those gig posters.  And a concert t-shirt.

Until nextsol…


*I’m sure Chris B. will agree, Neil Ellwood Peart is maybe the best drummer.  Ever.