PAGE FORTY THREE.  Interior Ziggy’s Café.  After the show…

These drinking sessions seem to follow every performance.  Now, I haven’t been in a band for a long, long time (see Garden Gnomes), but I do hang out with bands after their shows.  I’ve never known a band to not drink post-gig.  Never.  Either to celebrate a good show or to bitch about something.  Seems like our Sisters Grimm usually do the latter.

Nic has really given Ziggy’s Café its own unique character.  I think places need as much personality as some characters, in a comic, if they’re to be memorable.  But, speaking of characters, we get to hang out a little with Samantha’s cousin and proprietor of this nefarious establishment, Ziggy Jones.  We also get introduced his newest employee, Veruca, who strikes me as familiar…

This week’s music pairing is actually my “writer’s choice” for last week’s song contest.  We decided to do a writer’s choice, an artist’s choice, two runners-up, and an overall winner.  Like a naffing Golden Demon that.  Anyway, the writer’s choice was sent in an email from Kim: Lash and ‘Take Me Away.’  Kim had a few appropriate suggestions (Heart was another good one), but this short-lived band from Perth should’ve been a lot bigger, I think.  They had one album in 2001.  I think this single works well with this week’s after-show scene:

Nic’s choice was Muse and ‘Resistance.’  That came from Saguinius on deviantArt.  Muse would definitely be on the ‘Free Mars’ soundtrack.  Which is actually the only thing ‘Free Mars’ has in common with ‘Twlight.’  Though I guess that one vampire (Ashley Greene) would make a good Shade Endgame, but I digress.

The first runner-up came in the form of an electronic mail from Major Tom.  He chose ‘In the Flesh’ by Pink Floyd.  Nic and I thought that this worked really well.  Classic song that seemed to fit in with the theatrical environs.  The second runner-up is basically an award for paying attention- Gillsing with his suggestion of Veruca Salt and ‘Volcano Girls.’

So, Kim, Saguinius and MajorTom and Gillsing all get copies of the print compilation.  Email us with your address (or we’ll get a hold of you).

But the winner, as decided by Nic and I together, was Coxy (theRedBeard) on deviantArt with ‘I Fought the Law.’  The Clash, the Dead Kennedys, Green Day, etc.  One of the most covered songs in history, I believe.  So it makes sense that punk bands are still playing it in 2339.  Thanks, Coxy.  We’ll be in touch about your original piece as done by one NRG!