PAGE FORTY TWO.  Interior, main stage.  Ziggy’s Café.

Direct from Volcano City, ladies and gentlemen, the Sisters Grimm

As a writer, I love splash pages with no dialogue.  I make joke, of course, but I do seriously love when we get to do a performance splash page.  The heart and soul of ‘Free Mars’ are these shots of the band’s gigs.  PAGE 4 is still one of the most iconic pages of this series, in my opinion, and I think Nic has captured here that same feeling of frenetic energy.  These pages give a real sense of what a SG show would be like.  Each girl exudes her own personality, but the ensemble becomes greater than the parts, so to speak.  Though I suspect I’d be slightly more excited about it than these naffing miners.

Nic and I have discussed, at length, what we thought the musical pairing should be this week.  Because the scene is such a visual summation of the band, we wanted the song to be as important.  So we got kinda philosophical about it.  The beauty of the Sisters Grimm is that they sound exactly like what you think they sound like.  By that, I mean, this is a comic, right?  We offer musical pairings and some hints and possibilities, but there’s no real band.  There are lyrics, but no melodies. 

To that end, we wanted your input this week.  We even decided to make a little “contest” out of it.  You tell us what Old Earth cover song the band is playing tonight at Ziggy’s.  It doesn’t have to be an Elastica or Hole song- it can be anything.  Even, dare I say it, a Country song.  Post your choice here, on FaceBook, Twitter, Nic’s deviantArt page or email us at

Nic and I will collect all the suggestions.  Between us and some honorary judges, we’ll decide the best cover song.  “Best” being subjective; we’ll chose the most original and iconic Old Earth song that we think the SG would be most likely to perform on Mars in 2339.  The winner will get two prizes.  From Nic, an original and exclusive Mini-Masterpiece (check out his dA gallery for some examples)!  From me, you’ll get a ‘Free Mars’ print (the MLF chick spray-painting the CSC Security Trooper).

We’ll announce the winner next week and then I’ll edit this post with the winner for posterity.  So, let’s hear some requests….