PAGE 41.  Interior.  Ziggy’s Cafe.

Happy Friday, gremmies.  Last week we got to see the exterior of this Jovian Quarter landmark, so now we get to go inside.  It’s an eclectic club and attracts an interesting cliental.  Whatever your pleasure, from live music to live dancers, Ziggy’s is open for business, even during the rebellion.  Since the uprising in Amazonis, the mortality rate inside Ziggy’s has actually dropped.  Though there are still items on the drink menu that require a signed waiver (as do certain private dances).

The design for Ziggy’s interior has been a subject of much discussion.  We wanted a retro, cabaret feel.  But with a strong glam influence.  And a dash of Nagel for good measure.  I think Nic nailed it.

I’m gonna keep this week’s post short and sweet, since I’m on the road (Delta City).  Nic and I agree 100% on this week’s music pairing.  It might be slightly obvious, but it is sort of the club’s theme song.

Anyone spot Nic’s Mars-related “Easter Egg?”

Finally, it’s nice to see our girls again.  Fancy some rock ‘n roll?

Until next week,