PAGE THIRTY NINE.  MarsNet News ‘cast.

Happy Friday, Earthers.  This week we’ve got a nice split page.  You might recognize our intrepid anchor, Sophie Pettit, from some of the MarsNet background material.  This evening she’s presenting some fair and balanced reporting on the uprising in Amazonis Prime.  And then we get a nice wide shot of the hab-pyramid in question.

I love the design of Amazonis.  I described it to Nic as a far more industrial place than Olympus City.  The tech, combined with the fog (an unfortunate side-effect of sub-standard and aging enviro systems), gives the city an almost Victorian or steampunk quality.

This week’s musical pairing was a tough choice.  The violent demonstration turned battle scene from Sophie’s ‘cast seemed to be the perfect inspiration.  But do you go with a Riot Grrrl band, something from Bikini Kill?  ‘Can You Tell’ is an amazing song (by Ra Ra Riot), but didn’t quite fit the situation.  So, in the end, I had to go with Leeds’ own Kaiser Chiefs and ‘I Predict A Riot.’  It only makes sense.

If you didn’t see the extra page we posted yesterday, just go back one page (Transmission Archives).  It is an excellent (and well received) MLF recruitment poster featuring everyone’s favorite guerilla leader, Damien Kessler.

Until next week, when we’ll catch up with our girls and see what their new gig is like,