PAGE THIRTY EIGHT.  Interior, board room.  CSC Headquarters, Olympus City.

+++Feel the Burn+++

If Xander Thule is the nefarious mastermind, then Orbital Burn is the muscle.  Some of you may remember ‘the Burn’ from MarsBeat (see MarsNet page).  Well, I am happy to welcome them into the comic proper this week.  These ex-mercenaries turned thrashcore power-trio provide a nice foil for our punk rock girls.

Nic has made these guys about as scary as mercenary/heavy metal dudes get.  I know he enjoyed working on these guys and I think he’s hidden a lot of Easter Eggs in their design.  Being something of a RUSH fan myself, I particularly like the Burn’s drummer, Ventiss Klegg.

I turned to Nic this week for the musical pairing as I wanted him to come up with a song that he felt embodied Orbital Burn’s personalities.  I can admit that my knowledge of real heavy metal is limited, whereas my Argentinean friend is pretty well-versed on the subject:

“In that vein, and since Dave asked me to come up with this week’s musical pairing (my being a bit more versed in the metal/thrash/heavy department), I suggest Type O Negative’s ‘Kill All the White People’, from their album ‘Bloody Kisses’. The lyrics, which simply amount to two phrases and the hard, violent, frantic music of the song makes it a perfect example of what Orbital Burn could deliver on stage.”

One more thing.  We released a few concept sketches of some upcoming characters on FaceBook and Twitter earlier this week.  One is now colored and in our ‘B-sides and Demos’ area (where we keep some concept and promo stuff).  She may look familiar.  And here’s another clue for you all: she may occasionally hire smugglers.