PAGE THIRTY SEVEN.  Interior, boardroom.  CSC headquarters.

Happy Friday, Marsers.  This week delivers a freightlifter full of dialogue.  So if you’re a fan of exposition, like me, this is your week.  We find out Samantha Darkness’ real name and get a little info on the Vexx family.

But infodumping alone isn’t very interesting, so we also have a nice spread of action to accompany our discourse.  Nic sort of revisits a few techniques he’s used, like the orange scanner vid and the washed-out monitor ‘cast.  I think seeing them together is very cool.  Personally, I love seeing the band playing (more of that coming up soon), so the vid shot here is cool.

For some reason, this page reminded me of a Metric video.  Maybe the TV watching.  The song also seems to fit and I can’t believe I haven’t suggested a Metric pairing yet.  Emily Haines has an amazing voice (and puts on a great live show).  I sometimes think Vikki G might sound like Haines.  Though I also recently had someone suggest Vikki might sound like Neko Case.  In any case, I guess Vikki sounds like a Canadian.  So this week’s pairing is ‘Combat Baby’:

In other news, we’re working on the next Hannah Valerus tale, which may end up being substantially longer than ‘Boarding Party.’  Maybe novella longer.  Would you pay $2 for an illustrated Valerus novella on Amazon?  It’s something we’re definitely thinking about.  We should also have some 30mm miniatures news soon for all you painters.

Finally, I don’t want to alarm anyone, but we are starting to run low on printed compilations.  These were a pretty limited run so if you’re interested in having a physical manifestation of ‘Free Mars’ to hold in your twisted Earther claws, now would be the time to support the Revolution!  Until next week,