PAGE THIRTY FIVE.  Exterior.  Olympus City Habitat Pyramid.  Corporate Sector.

Happy naffing Friday, grems.  This week’s page is an establishing shot as we’re changing locations for a little while.  We’ll get back to the girls at Amazonis shortly, but we find ourselves returned to Olympus City for the time being.  CSC headquarters.

Nic occasionally mentions to me how much he doesn’t like designing buildings, but you would never know that from this page.  I think he’s got a very cool aesthetic sensibility here.  There’s an obvious sci-fi element, but it still looks based in reality.  I mean, this could be an actual building (sans the ‘lifters).

Nic suggested Vangelis, which I can see as the building and air traffic is reminiscent of Scott’s classic film.  Though Olympus City seems generally cleaner than L.A.  I’m actually going with my favorite song off My Chemical Romance’s latest album, ‘The Kids From Yesterday’.  I think this track provides a nice atmospheric, yet up-tempo pairing.  Gerard Way, the band’s front man, is actually a fantastic comic book writer and his Umbrella Academy books are pretty amazing.  If you’ve never read them I recommend the trades.

Speaking of comic book writers, I finally had the pleasure of meeting a personal hero: Dan Abnett. He is a really approachable guy and he spent hours talking with fans at Adepticon.  It was a proud moment for yours truly when Dan asked me to sign his copy of our print compilation.  Dan has added a summary of the weekend on his blog:

Speaking of printed compilation, I promise to have them available now through this site by this weekend, so if you need a print version (with Dan’s foreword and extra concept art), you will have that opportunity.

Finally, let me know what you think of the first installment of the Valerus Chronicles.  Nic and I are pretty happy with our alternate collaboration and we’re considering some longer illustrated tales from the ‘Free Mars’ universe.

Sorry for going on- just had a coffee,