PAGE THIRTY THREE.  Interior MAP crawler.  Medical bay.

I know not everyone is gonna agree with me (and why should they), but I love pages like this.  Now, that may sound slightly self-serving because there’s a lot of dialogue on this page, which I wrote, but I like reading dialogue in other comics too.  It is a huge challenge to make these characters interesting and even endearing when you only have one page a week in which to do it.  A page like this, where Vikki and Kessler aren’t “on” (rocking or shooting), is not as common as I’d like.

I think the awkwardness is great.  Nic draws a great embarrassed Vikki in the first panel, though I think the final panel is actually full of subtle expression.  And we get a little sense of Kessler’s motivation; he’s a warrior who doesn’t like being the front man.

Thanks again to everyone who supported the comic at C2E2.  It was a great show and I am certain we will be back next year.  If only for the delicious churros!

The next stop on the ‘Free Mars’ Naff’d Up Tour is Adepticon next weekend.  Nic has done a lot of the promotional art for the convention, including a very cool version of Hannah Valerus (more on her later).  The print compilation of the comic will be available there as well.  And, of course, Dan Abnett himself will be in attendance.  Personally, I’m gonna ask him to sign a copy of Annihilators #1.  If you haven’t picked it up, it is my favorite new series:

The Hannah Valerus Chronicles.  Starting next week, we’ll be posting the first installment of our sure-to-be-irregularly-updated spin-off series.  The format will be a little different: 3-5 page short stories with a few illustrations per episode.  I won’t say too much about Captain Valerus, though she already has a 28mm miniature version of herself.  I think of her as the Boba Fett action figure* of the ‘Free Mars’ universe.  You don’t know who she is yet, but she looks pretty naffing cool.

Finally, I want to acknowledge those suggestions and emails about having actual original music.  Believe me, I am all over it.  And I hope to have more news for you in the coming weeks.

Wow, sorry for the long post.  See you next week.