PAGE THIRTY ONE.  Interior, Mobile AP crawler.

It is Friday again, Marsers.  Today I am relieved to bring you a very much alive Vikki Grimm, though she’s a little worse for the wear.  I love Nic’s medical bay here and I am happy to tell you there will be more shots of the MAP crawler in the next few weeks:  it is a cool piece of hardware.

Nic has chosen this week’s music pairing, ‘First Breath After Coma’ by Explosions in the Sky.  For those who are unfamiliar with the track:

My choice also involved comas, but mine was the more obvious Smiths song.  I think Nic’s is better.

We are one week out from C2E2.  The comic are en route and we are crazy excited about seeing them.  If you’re going to C2E2 and want to reserve a copy, shoot me an email at  I’m hoping we have plenty, but you never know.  I have to save some for Adepticon a couple weeks later.  I’d like to do a deal for our regular readers at both conventions.  Something like a signed print with every comic.  I will think about that and get back to you.  Hope to see some of you in Chicago,