‘FREE MARS’ Cover (print compilation)

In a modern culture
My friend you must be careful
They’ve got million ways to kill you


Well, Marsers, here she is.  The cover for our forthcoming print edition.  For two people who love webcomics and what webcomics represent, I find that Nic and I are super jazzed about this book.  It represents 6-7 months of work and collects every page from the main comic, some of the more important background material, and even some extra “backstage” work including sketches and concepts.

But what I think really makes this such a huge milestone for us is the fact that we have a naffing foreword by Dan Abnett.  Nic and I are both huge fans of Mr. Abnett, from his novels set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe to his work for Marvel, DC, and especially 2000AD.  If you had asked me, before we started ‘Free Mars’, who would be my first choice of authors to write a foreword for a project I worked on, I would’ve said Frank Herbert.  Then, after being informed that Frank Herbet is unfortunately quite dead, I would’ve quickly declared that Douglas Adams would be my next choice.  Then, after a similar exchange, I would, without hesitation, choose Dan Abnett.

Because, to me, Dan Abnett is the only author I know that can combine the epic scale of Herbert with the humor and humanity of Doug Adams.  His characters are always very real and we can relate to them, even when they’re slogging it out in the trenches on some alien world.  Abnett is a master, plain and simple, and we are beyond honored to not only have kept his attention long enough to read our humble comic, but to also have warranted a foreword.

So, if all goes according to plan, we will debut the book at C2E2 in Chicago, then two weeks later at Adepticon, where Mr. Dan Abnett will also be in attendance.  After that, we will have it available on the site.  Let me know what you think of the cover.  I think Nic did an amazing job of packing in the themes of the first two Tracks into one illustration.