Interlude 2.0

With a couple weeks off between Tracks 2 and 3, we decided to post a few extra pages of work.  First, we have a companion piece to our Vikki Grimm Interlude.  In this piece, we get to see Samantha enjoying some downtime; relaxing in her micro-hab with a good “book”.  I think the specs give her a new look, very academic, if a little hipsteresque.  She’s probably smarter than Vexx gives her credit for, in any case.

The text this week is not written by me, but by none other than Nicolas R. Giacondino, the noted Argentinean artist.  Nic asked me if he could write a short excerpt from a book by a famed Martian revolutionary and I thought it was an excellent idea.   We agreed that Sam, of the three, was most likely to be reading something like this.  It wasn’t lost on me that the subject matter becomes a little more poignant coming from an Argentinean.  We had to edit the text quite a bit to fit on this page, so we’re including Nic’s full excerpt in the FM-verse section.  It’ll be up this weekend and I encourage you to check it out.

I think Sam is listening to something suitably chill.  So I’m going with Cut Copy and ‘Take Me Over’:

Speaking of music, I put together an iTunes Playlist where I’m collecting some of the songs mentioned in these posts, as well as songs/artists that inspired The Sisters Grimm.

So, after Track 2, expect to see a study of Vexx in repose.  We’re already calling the piece ‘Casual Vexx.’

Next week we’ll post the cover to our print compilation, which will be released at C2E2 in Chicago, then available via the website.  I might post the cover sooner on FB and Twitter if you can’t wait.  The book is coming to 44 pages, which is pretty substantial.  I think the average monthly comic is like 24 pages with ads.  It’s all of the weekly pages along with some extra material.  The big news is that we’ve somehow managed to get an actual living legend to write a foreword for the book, but we’ll talk more about that next week….