PAGE TWENTY.  Exterior. Martian desert.  Night.  A revolution begins with a shot in the dark.

Maybe it’s a little predictable, but Muse and Uprising seem appropriate.

Things sort of align this week.  First, we have our 20th page, of which we are extremely proud.  Next we add the fact that the page’s contents represent a major event in our story that will have long-term consequences.  Finally, we’re making a major change to our comic this week: we’re giving it a new name.

So welcome to ‘Free Mars.’  I’ll let our “official” press release tell the whole story.  Rest assured, besides the title, nothing is changing.  Thoughts on the new name?

Press Release 12/09/2010

FREE MARS, the Sisters get a name change.

After much deliberation, the Sisters Grimm webcomic team has decided that we need to do a little rebranding.  We have decided to update the name of the weekly comic Sisters Grimm with a new title: FREE MARS.  We feel that not only will the new name cut down on any future confusion with other similarly named entities, but it also better reflects the direction of the story.

Rest assured that this title change has no effect whatsoever on the content of our comic.  The band you’ve become familiar with is still called Sisters Grimm; named for the band’s founder and lead guitarist, Victoria “Vikki” Grimm.

The current website url ( will continue to work for the foreseeable future, as will the new url:  The Twitter account will remain unchanged, though the FaceBook page will be replaced with a new one (Free Mars Comic).

We appreciate your patience and we firmly believe that this change now will benefit the webcomic in the long-run.

Dave Pauwels, writer

Nicolas R Giacondino, artist