PAGE SIXTEEN.  Track 2 title page.

If I ever get out of here
Thought of giving it all away
To a registered charity
All I need is a pint a day
If I ever get out of here
If we ever get out of here

‘Band on the Run’ by Paul McCartney (maybe my favorite song of all time).

The girls are “on the lam.”  Though, at this point, I think they see it more as an excuse for just getting out of town.  I really love Sam’s outfit here.  Nic enjoys changing up the “costumes”, while retaining a specific thematic look for each character.

The commercial freightlifter foot note is a little tribute to HHGttG.  I’d like to include more of these as the series progresses.  Whataya think?  I hope they give Mars some additional depth/character.  Sort of like our background pages.  Speaking of which, we sould have a new one of those soon on the Martian Mining Guilds.


For Benicio and Charlotte- our youngest fans and inspirations!