PAGE TWELVE.  Wide exterior shot.  Dub’s Studio SD4.  Night.

I keep going back and looking at this page.  And I keep finding new details.  The holographic police lines are a particularly nice touch and I think the APCs are very cool.  Continuing the tour, we see the two different types of CSC Security forces; the more lightly equipped police and the armored Shock Troops.  There’s even a feral dog.  Who doesn’t love feral dogs?  Kinda gives Sub-Dome 4 a nice Detroit feel.

In any case, someone is in trouble.

For this week’s music, it’s hard to argue with the artist, who explains his choice:

I strongly suggest the song ‘Thela Hun Ginjeet’ from King Crimson’s album Discipline as the coupling for this. It’s got a very rocker atmosphere, very frantic and with a background narration by Adrian Belew speaking of how he was assaulted by some smuggling Rastafarians in a neighborhood whilst he recorded a tape for the band. It actually repeats “It’s a dangerous place” many times, which I think fits our page here.

Personally, all I can think of when I look at this is ‘Clampdown’ by The Clash.  “What are we gonna do now?”

Well, happy October.  Best month, in my opinion.  We hope to have some news to share shortly on a few Sisters Grimm developments, so stay tuned.