I wanted to drop you a quick update during the interlude. We are in the final stages of preparing the book for print. Even if you weren’t a Kickstarter supporter, you’ll be able to find it eventually at your local comic shop – or through this site. The print version will include a 5-page prequel tale starring Vikki Grimm, Sam Jones, and Taryn Vexx. It’s full of mayhem and Mars First skinheads and is illustrated by Ech (like him on the FaceBook). There are some sneak shots of the prequel there.

Right now, we need you to spread the word. Free Mars has always done well and has grown the way it has in large part from word-of-mouth. Let your friends borrow a copy of the book or shoot a few people this website. Use the #FreeMars on the Twitters to do whatever that does. I’d love to hit 500 followers of FaceBook, so get your aunt to “like” us.

It’s a “delicate time” as Princess Irulan Corrino-Atreides would say. We want to continue to bring you Free Mars tales for as long as we can. We love making this comic.